Poetry – Almost Love

What is this Voodoo that you do, Obsessive and possessive becomes me, Debilitating and isolating – I’m in deep, Stirring a hunger – primal and feral, Mouth shut – legs open – unsatisfying imperil, An almost love – Where potential was devoured, An almost love – An almost with a coward…   MysticalMotherFucker Advertisements

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Poetry – Kintsukuroi

I’ve been shattered to pieces, More times then you’ll know, I’ve watched myself die on the whole, That I’ve mastered the art of mending my soul, Rearranging and adjusting, Picking up every portion, I put myself back together, Resembling fine vintage porcelain, Alike a Japanese Bowl; Fixed with Gold…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Wikipedia – […]

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Poetry – Old Soul

Heavy is this old soul, Created many moon’s ago, The feeling of living ten lives, Cutting me down to size, Sporadic speculations, Or divine revelations, Are they delusions of a needy ego, Or my intuition nudging me which way to go…?   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit:ย Will Privitera – on old souls and twin flames

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Poetry – Perplexing Poetry

Choose her… Run a finger along her spine, Like the delicate deckle edges of a book, Reading the idle conceits of her mind, He’s hanging on every line and hook, Lingering on her every word, Striping back the ambiguous meanings, In spite of frayed hinges and gnawed curves, He feels every feeling, All the while […]

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Poetry – Melancholy

Conceding with vitality, I breathe in your essence, Rousing my benevolent breast, Invigorating my alveolus, Softening my solace, It will appease the need, Converting my unwritten custom, And soothing the greed, Of my own desideratum…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit:ย Desiderata

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Poetry – Made For You

My aching heart settled, Once I lay down in your arms; It was then that I knew…   When I fit perfectly, Feeling safe and calm; I was made for you…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit:ย Embrace The Universe – Psyca Art

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Poetry – Depth

You inspire me to be more, Than I thought I ever could be, You are my muse, A guiding light, In this sea of darkness, Spiralling reoccurring tides, Claiming lives, So I look deeper, Learn my lessons, By opening my mind, And freeing my heart, You are one of a kind, I can’t bare to […]

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Poetry – How Do You Feel?

Step out of it my love, Come stand with me a minute, Back to the land of the living, Where there is no rabbit in a hole, No hell or heaven to be given, Only you and your own Soul, Be you good or you be evil, It’s the ability to give up control, And […]

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Poetry – Coup De Foudre

Somehow I Knew; Right From The Start, My Body Began To Tremble, When I Seen You From Afar, It Was My Intuition Telling Me; “You’re In Trouble”, I Knew Then That I Would Loose My Heart; When Your Eye’s Met Mine; Before I Ever Stepped Foot In Your Path…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit:ย Paris With Love […]

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