Poetry – Depth

You inspire me to be more, Than I thought I ever could be, You are my muse, A guiding light, In this sea of darkness, Spiralling reoccurring tides, Claiming lives, So I look deeper, Learn my lessons, By opening my mind, And freeing my heart, You are one of a kind, I can’t bare to […]

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Poetry – Divine Desire

Can I have you all for me? I don’t want to share, I don’t want you to leave, They say you shouldn’t come from a place of need; That you shouldn’t beg or have to plead; But I will let you take the lead; I’ll even say please.. Anything; Just to feel your soul next […]

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Poetry – Twin Flame

Call me crazy, For thoughts out of my control, It’s a feeling I’m feeling, Deep down in my soul.. See there’s another who shares it, Only I don’t understand, As I don’t even know them, Yet I know who they are.. It’s a feeling so familiar, I mistake it for my own, I can’t help […]

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Poetry – Lonely Nights

And when it comes to those Lonely Nights, I Sit and Wish for You by my Side, Fingers Interlocked and Bodies Intertwined, Integrating Souls and Delving into my Mind…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit:ย Global Light Minds

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Poetry – You & Me

Laid bare for all to see, I liked you for reasons beyond me, It’s in the way you walk, It’s in the way you talk, When you think no one’s listening, As you walk about your business whistling, You pulled me close that sunny morning, Across the bed without warning, Waking me with whispers in […]

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Poetry – Self Love

Begin by asking me questions, Understand I appreciate an inquisitive mind, Undress my desires with simple gestures, Remain incurious about that which is but flesh and bone, Because your intentions; They vibe and I’ll feel them, I’m too familiar with pretenders to condone, Remember a woman’s intuition is not easily deluded, So until I’m satisfied […]

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