Poetry – Divine Desire

Can I have you all for me? I don’t want to share, I don’t want you to leave, They say you shouldn’t come from a place of need; That you shouldn’t beg or have to plead; But I will let you take the lead; I’ll even say please.. Anything; Just to feel your soul next […]

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Poetry – Twin Flame

Call me crazy, For thoughts out of my control, It’s a feeling I’m feeling, Deep down in my soul.. See there’s another who shares it, Only I don’t understand, As I don’t even know them, Yet I know who they are.. It’s a feeling so familiar, I mistake it for my own, I can’t help […]

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Poetry – Sapere Aude

I am 93 percent star-dust, An enlightening beam of universal power, Yet I am ashamed, Of every soul, Who deviates from the light, In the name of skin, And a god I can’t believe in.. So let your flesh, Be stripped to the bone, Bare and rare, Are those who find home, Under the layers; […]

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Poetry – The Runner

But my darling don’t you see.. I AM never gone from your side.. I AM that whisper; That shiver; Those goosebumps you feel along your skin.. When you’re buried in those cold sheets alone again.. Tossing and turning through the night; Struggling to sleep and suffocating on our millionth goodbye…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Awakened […]

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Poetry – The Cosmic Pull

I Speak of a Love, That I’ve never had, One of which, Could only exist, As they say; All in my Head.. But if I can have this Passion, And Sense this Profound Cosmic Pull, Surely someone else can too… So I’ll wait for the Impossible, Hoping the Universe brings Me to You..   MysticalMotherFucker […]

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Poetry – My Boy Blue ๐Ÿ’™

Laying in my Arms so Light What did I do to Deserve this Night? My Miracle; Such Perfection I’ve Felt Our Rhythm I’ve Witnessed the Breath of Life Chubby Cheeks; Puckered Lips The Most Beautiful Eyes… I Just Want To Squish Your Face It’s like You See into my Soul It’s like You Feel all […]

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Poetry – The G In Me

It Was Within That Moment, With That Knife Pointed Towards Me, As Sharp As His Tongue, That I Knew Exactly Who I AM, And Although I Didn’t Believe I’d Make It To Tomorrow, I Realised I Was Willing To Kill Him. Easily Too If It Came To It; Maybe Even Without Hesitation. “It’s Either My […]

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Poetry – Emanation

There Is No Hiding My Disdain, As It Dominates My Brain, Clutching Onto The Pain, With My Last Breath, Leaving Me In The Lurch, It Was All I Had Left,   So I Released The Power I Held In My Hands, The Anxious Flutters Within My Chest; Were Released Along With It And;   Unblocking […]

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