Poetry – Made For You

My aching heart settled, Once I lay down in your arms; It was then that I knew…   When I fit perfectly, Feeling safe and calm; I was made for you…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit:ย Embrace The Universe – Psyca Art

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Poetry – Depth

You inspire me to be more, Than I thought I ever could be, You are my muse, A guiding light, In this sea of darkness, Spiralling reoccurring tides, Claiming lives, So I look deeper, Learn my lessons, By opening my mind, And freeing my heart, You are one of a kind, I can’t bare to […]

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Poetry – How Do You Feel?

Step out of it my love, Come stand with me a minute, Back to the land of the living, Where there is no rabbit in a hole, No hell or heaven to be given, Only you and your own Soul, Be you good or you be evil, It’s the ability to give up control, And […]

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Poetry – My Mistake

It was in your eyes, I must have been mistaken in what I seen, Or maybe it was that I allowed myself to dream, Thinking that maybe someone like you, Needed someone like me…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit:ย The Minds Journal – Make Your Heart The Most Beautiful Thing About You

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Poetry – Twin Flame

Call me crazy, For thoughts out of my control, It’s a feeling I’m feeling, Deep down in my soul.. See there’s another who shares it, Only I don’t understand, As I don’t even know them, Yet I know who they are.. It’s a feeling so familiar, I mistake it for my own, I can’t help […]

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Poetry – Depression

There’s a War Inside my Mind, Stiring my Wicked and Wild, Feeling more like Jeckyll and Hyde, The Devil; He is Knocking, For me to Let Him In, He’s Tapping on the Door, Waiting; so we can Begin, “You have No Place in my Home” “I will not Sin” “My Heart is Pure” But still; […]

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Poetry – Hurricane and Wallflower

She is a hurricane, Ripping the ground up beneath your feet, To reveal its truth; That nothing is ever certain here on this earth.   She is the calm both before and after the storm, You will feel her coming and recognise her power, That fierce yet forgiving familiar energy, Of this antecedent Siberianย Wallflower…   […]

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Poetry – Missing Piece

Composing beautifully written rhyming words, Sending out pure unconditional love, Hoping you feel this electromagnetic pull, Because I don’t want to spend another second on this earth, I just can’t withstand another death and rebirth, Only to find that I will; As I also love to live, Whole yet incomplete; Wondering if I’ll ever find […]

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