Poetry – The Runner

But my darling don’t you see.. I AM never gone from your side.. I AM that whisper; That shiver; Those goosebumps you feel along your skin.. When you’re buried in those cold sheets alone again.. Tossing and turning through the night; Struggling to sleep and suffocating on our millionth goodbye…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Awakened […]

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Poetry – Break Free

Mastering emotions is one of the most difficult things you can do, Taming the flames only to be suffocated by waves, And a wind so strong it buries you under the avalanche of feelings, Fingers raw as you claw through the dirt and dispare, Bursting through the darkness to where the sun hits, And you […]

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Poetry – Alchemic Chemistry

For every one of my poems is a feeling, One jotted down, felt and left, To sit and fester for editing later, When the uncontrollable urge has abate, And been consumed by the luminous gold, Posting pieces a form of transmutation, A way of emancipating control, Freeing myself from temptation, And giving blindly to faith; […]

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Poetry – Solitary Fisherman

Reeling in the fishing line, I had cast my heart aside, Like the solitary fisherman, Whose lonely he must abide, Sunken dreams and hopes like streams, Are lost among the tide, Ever still; when I’ve had my fill, Forever serene; feeling you by my side.   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Illimitable Men

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Poetry – The Cosmic Pull

I Speak of a Love, That I’ve never had, One of which, Could only exist, As they say; All in my Head.. But if I can have this Passion, And Sense this Profound Cosmic Pull, Surely someone else can too… So I’ll wait for the Impossible, Hoping the Universe brings Me to You..   MysticalMotherFucker […]

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Poetry – Faceless

A Broken Man, Is a Faceless Man, I Ask which Mask is it you Bare? Inside your Arsenal of Unlimited Interchangeable Personas; I wish I’d of Known That.. Before I Stumbled into your Web, Into your Bed of Lies, Where I Crumbled and Died; I really Wish I’d of Known, What it’s like to Dance […]

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Poetry – Vision

I began the work, Internal flow, The building blocks shook, Oddly with every one I took down, Propelled by the anger, I built a new foundation, No longer a feeling of danger, I had my own mountain, Overlooking my blocks, I was set free, No longer darkness and rocks, A new vast horizon only I […]

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