Poetry – Almost Love

What is this Voodoo that you do, Obsessive and possessive becomes me, Debilitating and isolating – I’m in deep, Stirring a hunger – primal and feral, Mouth shut – legs open – unsatisfying imperil, An almost love – Where potential was devoured, An almost love – An almost with a coward…   MysticalMotherFucker

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Poetry – Kintsukuroi

I’ve been shattered to pieces, More times then you’ll know, I’ve watched myself die on the whole, That I’ve mastered the art of mending my soul, Rearranging and adjusting, Picking up every portion, I put myself back together, Resembling fine vintage porcelain, Alike a Japanese Bowl; Fixed with Gold…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Wikipedia – […]

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Poetry – Old Soul

Heavy is this old soul, Created many moon’s ago, The feeling of living ten lives, Cutting me down to size, Sporadic speculations, Or divine revelations, Are they delusions of a needy ego, Or my intuition nudging me which way to go…?   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Will Privitera – on old souls and twin flames

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Poetry – Injudicious

Maybe I can’t let go, Because I can feel my own power, I fear releasing my need to control it, So I hand it to those less able, In the hopes of something more stable…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Banksy

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Poetry – Perplexing Poetry

Choose her… Run a finger along her spine, Like the delicate deckle edges of a book, Reading the idle conceits of her mind, He’s hanging on every line and hook, Lingering on her every word, Striping back the ambiguous meanings, In spite of frayed hinges and gnawed curves, He feels every feeling, All the while […]

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Poetry – Melancholy

Conceding with vitality, I breathe in your essence, Rousing my benevolent breast, Invigorating my alveolus, Softening my solace, It will appease the need, Converting my unwritten custom, And soothing the greed, Of my own desideratum…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Desiderata

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Poetry – Made For You

My aching heart settled, Once I lay down in your arms; It was then that I knew…   When I fit perfectly, Feeling safe and calm; I was made for you…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Embrace The Universe – Psyca Art

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Poetry – Depth

You inspire me to be more, Than I thought I ever could be, You are my muse, A guiding light, In this sea of darkness, Spiralling reoccurring tides, Claiming lives, So I look deeper, Learn my lessons, By opening my mind, And freeing my heart, You are one of a kind, I can’t bare to […]

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Poetry – How Do You Feel?

Step out of it my love, Come stand with me a minute, Back to the land of the living, Where there is no rabbit in a hole, No hell or heaven to be given, Only you and your own Soul, Be you good or you be evil, It’s the ability to give up control, And […]

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Poetry – Coup De Foudre

Somehow I Knew; Right From The Start, My Body Began To Tremble, When I Seen You From Afar, It Was My Intuition Telling Me; “You’re In Trouble”, I Knew Then That I Would Loose My Heart; When Your Eye’s Met Mine; Before I Ever Stepped Foot In Your Path…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Paris With Love […]

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Poetry – My Mistake

It was in your eyes, I must have been mistaken in what I seen, Or maybe it was that I allowed myself to dream, Thinking that maybe someone like you, Needed someone like me…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: The Minds Journal – Make Your Heart The Most Beautiful Thing About You

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Poetry – Super Woman

After him she built her own tower, So high she was invisible to the naked eye, She needed time for solitude, She was her own best friend, Ain’t letting no damn man in again.. Inside the comfort of her own four walls, She had found her inner peace and strength, Only her lonely was her […]

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Poetry – Divine Desire

Can I have you all for me? I don’t want to share, I don’t want you to leave, They say you shouldn’t come from a place of need; That you shouldn’t beg or have to plead; But I will let you take the lead; I’ll even say please.. Anything; Just to feel your soul next […]

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Poetry – Twin Flame

Call me crazy, For thoughts out of my control, It’s a feeling I’m feeling, Deep down in my soul.. See there’s another who shares it, Only I don’t understand, As I don’t even know them, Yet I know who they are.. It’s a feeling so familiar, I mistake it for my own, I can’t help […]

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Poetry – Depression

There’s a War Inside my Mind, Stiring my Wicked and Wild, Feeling more like Jeckyll and Hyde, The Devil; He is Knocking, For me to Let Him In, He’s Tapping on the Door, Waiting; so we can Begin, “You have No Place in my Home” “I will not Sin” “My Heart is Pure” But still; […]

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Poetry – Living?

I thought that if I focused on the future, The now wouldn’t hurt so much without you, Only to see the present dissolve and disintegrate, And myself to become barely existent, Searching for home in the next place, I awaited my remaining days out, Lost in the salty sea of my own tears, Cleansing these […]

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Poetry – And Just Like That

It happened – Just like that, Stopping me in my tracks, Exceeding all of my high expectations, He say – “Queen, you da baddest”, Just like that; I forget my baggage, And that’s what Happiness is…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Mahmoudz – Deviant Art

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Poetry – Hurricane and Wallflower

She is a hurricane, Ripping the ground up beneath your feet, To reveal its truth; That nothing is ever certain here on this earth.   She is the calm both before and after the storm, You will feel her coming and recognise her power, That fierce yet forgiving familiar energy, Of this antecedent Siberian Wallflower…   […]

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Poetry – Missing Piece

Composing beautifully written rhyming words, Sending out pure unconditional love, Hoping you feel this electromagnetic pull, Because I don’t want to spend another second on this earth, I just can’t withstand another death and rebirth, Only to find that I will; As I also love to live, Whole yet incomplete; Wondering if I’ll ever find […]

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Poetry – Distorted Truth

As I begin to water myself and grow, My blooming petals began to show, And you my dear; Incapable of change, Will remain the same, But I will love again, In spite of it all, My stubborn heart forever gullible, You will continue to lie, Distorting truth; until even you believe them too…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo […]

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Poetry – You & Me

Laid bare for all to see, I liked you for reasons beyond me, It’s in the way you walk, It’s in the way you talk, When you think no one’s listening, As you walk about your business whistling, You pulled me close that sunny morning, Across the bed without warning, Waking me with whispers in […]

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Poetry – Black Sails

As fiercely as the wind may blow, Sails lift her over water; she flows, Through rain, sleet and snow, A cold winter where surely nothing grows, Like the lone wolf stalking his prey, She holds her steady stoic gaze, All the while a word she could not say, Under his spell; she’s in a daze, […]

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Poetry – Sapere Aude

I am 93 percent star-dust, An enlightening beam of universal power, Yet I am ashamed, Of every soul, Who deviates from the light, In the name of skin, And a god I can’t believe in.. So let your flesh, Be stripped to the bone, Bare and rare, Are those who find home, Under the layers; […]

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Poetry – Self Love

Begin by asking me questions, Understand I appreciate an inquisitive mind, Undress my desires with simple gestures, Remain incurious about that which is but flesh and bone, Because your intentions; They vibe and I’ll feel them, I’m too familiar with pretenders to condone, Remember a woman’s intuition is not easily deluded, So until I’m satisfied […]

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Poetry – The Runner

But my darling don’t you see.. I AM never gone from your side.. I AM that whisper; That shiver; Those goosebumps you feel along your skin.. When you’re buried in those cold sheets alone again.. Tossing and turning through the night; Struggling to sleep and suffocating on our millionth goodbye…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Awakened […]

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Poetry – Break Free

Mastering emotions is one of the most difficult things you can do, Taming the flames only to be suffocated by waves, And a wind so strong it buries you under the avalanche of feelings, Fingers raw as you claw through the dirt and dispare, Bursting through the darkness to where the sun hits, And you […]

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Poetry – Alchemic Chemistry

For every one of my poems is a feeling, One jotted down, felt and left, To sit and fester for editing later, When the uncontrollable urge has abate, And been consumed by the luminous gold, Posting pieces a form of transmutation, A way of emancipating control, Freeing myself from temptation, And giving blindly to faith; […]

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Poetry- Within

And everything was unleashed, Out of control and scrambling, Allowing myself to feel it and transmute it… It was every man who ever left me stood there with my heart in my hands on the side of the street waiting for the one who would think I was worth the risk and not just a […]

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Poetry – Solitary Fisherman

Reeling in the fishing line, I had cast my heart aside, Like the solitary fisherman, Whose lonely he must abide, Sunken dreams and hopes like streams, Are lost among the tide, Ever still; when I’ve had my fill, Forever serene; feeling you by my side.   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Illimitable Men

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Poetry – The Cosmic Pull

I Speak of a Love, That I’ve never had, One of which, Could only exist, As they say; All in my Head.. But if I can have this Passion, And Sense this Profound Cosmic Pull, Surely someone else can too… So I’ll wait for the Impossible, Hoping the Universe brings Me to You..   MysticalMotherFucker […]

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Poetry – Faceless

A Broken Man, Is a Faceless Man, I Ask which Mask is it you Bare? Inside your Arsenal of Unlimited Interchangeable Personas; I wish I’d of Known That.. Before I Stumbled into your Web, Into your Bed of Lies, Where I Crumbled and Died; I really Wish I’d of Known, What it’s like to Dance […]

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Poetry – Mayan Times

Mayan Man, Guatemalan Bae, Walking Hand in Hand, Along the Sand, Letting our Toes, Hit the Waves. Carved in Stone, Before Gods, We Perform, Old Age Musical Arts, Through the Dead of Night, Gazing at Stars in the Sky, Under the Soft Moon Light. Our Secrets Seen In Wildfires, Twin Flames, Parallel Phoenix’, We Burn […]

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Poetry – Vision

I began the work, Internal flow, The building blocks shook, Oddly with every one I took down, Propelled by the anger, I built a new foundation, No longer a feeling of danger, I had my own mountain, Overlooking my blocks, I was set free, No longer darkness and rocks, A new vast horizon only I […]

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Poetry – Unrequited Love

I knew I could love him when he stood up to me, Not allowing this cycle of emotion to ruin these; Very foundation’s I worked so hard to rebuild, Enclosing myself further; Unconsciously building on demand, Consciously suffocating; Way more than I can withstand. Then he knocked down a wall… And I, Unsure of his […]

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Poetry – Ghost of the Sea

I’m the type to lick her wounds through the broken cracks of poetry in between the words is where I lie making my own rules and to be in my world means your part of the melody of this song I’m struggling to write as I suffocate and fight to survive in the waves of […]

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Poetry – Seen

Love Me Let Me Give You All I Can I’ll Surrender Every Piece Of Me Or At Least Try To Be All You Need With All My Might Then Watch How I Bloom Or Watch Me Love You Withering My Worth With Every Passing Hurt There Is No In Between This Love Is Begging To […]

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Poetry – Let Me In

As Softly as the Dew Drop Layers The Grass, He Runs his Fingers Along my Skin…   Locked in a Bittersweet Caress, My Body Begging you to Let Me In…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Anders Røkkum

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Poetry – My Boy Blue 💙

Laying in my Arms so Light What did I do to Deserve this Night? My Miracle; Such Perfection I’ve Felt Our Rhythm I’ve Witnessed the Breath of Life Chubby Cheeks; Puckered Lips The Most Beautiful Eyes… I Just Want To Squish Your Face It’s like You See into my Soul It’s like You Feel all […]

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Poetry – The G In Me

It Was Within That Moment, With That Knife Pointed Towards Me, As Sharp As His Tongue, That I Knew Exactly Who I AM, And Although I Didn’t Believe I’d Make It To Tomorrow, I Realised I Was Willing To Kill Him. Easily Too If It Came To It; Maybe Even Without Hesitation. “It’s Either My […]

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