Poetry – The Runner

But my darling don’t you see.. I AM never gone from your side.. I AM that whisper; That shiver; Those goosebumps you feel along your skin.. When you’re buried in those cold sheets alone again.. Tossing and turning through the night; Struggling to sleep and suffocating on our millionth goodbye…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Awakened […]

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Poetry – Break Free

Mastering emotions is one of the most difficult things you can do, Taming the flames only to be suffocated by waves, And a wind so strong it buries you under the avalanche of feelings, Fingers raw as you claw through the dirt and dispare, Bursting through the darkness to where the sun hits, And you […]

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Poetry – Alchemic Chemistry

For every one of my poems is a feeling, One jotted down, felt and left, To sit and fester for editing later, When the uncontrollable urge has abate, And been consumed by the luminous gold, Posting pieces a form of transmutation, A way of emancipating control, Freeing myself from temptation, And giving blindly to faith; […]

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Poetry- Within

And everything was unleashed, Out of control and scrambling, Allowing myself to feel it and transmute it… It was every man who ever left me stood there with my heart in my hands on the side of the street waiting for the one who would think I was worth the risk and not just a […]

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Poetry – Solitary Fisherman

Reeling in the fishing line, I had cast my heart aside, Like the solitary fisherman, Whose lonely he must abide, Sunken dreams and hopes like streams, Are lost among the tide, Ever still; when I’ve had my fill, Forever serene; feeling you by my side.   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Illimitable Men

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Poetry – The Cosmic Pull

I Speak of a Love, That I’ve never had, One of which, Could only exist, As they say; All in my Head.. But if I can have this Passion, And Sense this Profound Cosmic Pull, Surely someone else can too… So I’ll wait for the Impossible, Hoping the Universe brings Me to You..   MysticalMotherFucker […]

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Poetry – Faceless

A Broken Man, Is a Faceless Man, I Ask which Mask is it you Bare? Inside your Arsenal of Unlimited Interchangeable Personas; I wish I’d of Known That.. Before I Stumbled into your Web, Into your Bed of Lies, Where I Crumbled and Died; I really Wish I’d of Known, What it’s like to Dance […]

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Poetry – Mayan Times

Mayan Man, Guatemalan Bae, Walking Hand in Hand, Along the Sand, Letting our Toes, Hit the Waves. Carved in Stone, Before Gods, We Perform, Old Age Musical Arts, Through the Dead of Night, Gazing at Stars in the Sky, Under the Soft Moon Light. Our Secrets Seen In Wildfires, Twin Flames, Parallel Phoenix’, We Burn […]

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Poetry – Vision

I began the work, Internal flow, The building blocks shook, Oddly with every one I took down, Propelled by the anger, I built a new foundation, No longer a feeling of danger, I had my own mountain, Overlooking my blocks, I was set free, No longer darkness and rocks, A new vast horizon only I […]

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Poetry – Unrequited Love

I knew I could love him when he stood up to me, Not allowing this cycle of emotion to ruin these; Very foundation’s I worked so hard to rebuild, Enclosing myself further; Unconsciously building on demand, Consciously suffocating; Way more than I can withstand. Then he knocked down a wall… And I, Unsure of his […]

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Poetry – Ghost of the Sea

I’m the type to lick her wounds through the broken cracks of poetry in between the words is where I lie making my own rules and to be in my world means your part of the melody of this song I’m struggling to write as I suffocate and fight to survive in the waves of […]

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Poetry – Seen

Love Me Let Me Give You All I Can I’ll Surrender Every Piece Of Me Or At Least Try To Be All You Need With All My Might Then Watch How I Bloom Or Watch Me Love You Withering My Worth With Every Passing Hurt There Is No In Between This Love Is Begging To […]

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Poetry – Let Me In

As Softly as the Dew Drop Layers The Grass, He Runs his Fingers Along my Skin…   Locked in a Bittersweet Caress, My Body Begging you to Let Me In…   MysticalMotherFucker Photo Credit: Anders Røkkum

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Poetry – My Boy Blue 💙

Laying in my Arms so Light What did I do to Deserve this Night? My Miracle; Such Perfection I’ve Felt Our Rhythm I’ve Witnessed the Breath of Life Chubby Cheeks; Puckered Lips The Most Beautiful Eyes… I Just Want To Squish Your Face It’s like You See into my Soul It’s like You Feel all […]

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Poetry – The G In Me

It Was Within That Moment, With That Knife Pointed Towards Me, As Sharp As His Tongue, That I Knew Exactly Who I AM, And Although I Didn’t Believe I’d Make It To Tomorrow, I Realised I Was Willing To Kill Him. Easily Too If It Came To It; Maybe Even Without Hesitation. “It’s Either My […]

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Poetry – Wild Child

With the Attitude of a Biker, And we all need a Women like her, She is the breadth of the Soul’s highway, And every moment that takes yours away, She is the golden light you seek, When all looks dark and bleak, She is the air you breathe, When you gasp to grasp a moment’s […]

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Poetry – King

Eleven Years Away From Home, My Heart Still Breaks Now, As It Did When They Said You Were Gone, They Also Say Time Is A Great Healer, Maybe They’re Right, But That Doesn’t Make It Any Easier, When I Try To Sleep At Night, I’ll Miss You Forever, And A Day; That’s True, It’s Your […]

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Poetry – Emanation

There Is No Hiding My Disdain, As It Dominates My Brain, Clutching Onto The Pain, With My Last Breath, Leaving Me In The Lurch, It Was All I Had Left,   So I Released The Power I Held In My Hands, The Anxious Flutters Within My Chest; Were Released Along With It And;   Unblocking […]

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Poetry – Broken

Proclaiming he is my Savior, Unbeknown to him, My Heart was already Broken, Long before he even Held it, Scrambling to Pick Up the Scattered Pieces, From my Barely Beating Heart, Not Realising I was Never Whole, My Love should have came with a Disclaimer, Insufficient Emotions – Not to be Salvaged, My Mishandled Mess, […]

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Poetry – If Just For Tonight

I Can’t Get No Release These Pent Up Emotions Running Deep Through My Vains Through My Skin From The Outside In One Swift Whispering Sweep I Seem To Have Lost My Feet Caress My Breasts Sweet Soft Peaks Kiss Me Lower Heavenly Lips Upon Mine Unraveling Me Slower He Stirs My Wicked And Wild Intimate […]

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Poetry – Shadow Self

I Had A Dream – Screaming Blue Murder Bullets Piercing My Flesh I Fall Without Contest Landing On The Sidewalk I Lay And Feel Every Drop Drain From My Body But My Mind – Imortal And Wild All I Could See Was You Admissions On My Death Bed Of How I Was Fooled   MysticalMotherFucker […]

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Poetry – Growing Pains

A Haze like Rain, Fogs my Mind, It’s Clogging my Pores, “Just Leave it Behind” Hesitation and Pacing Floors, I’m Feeling my Blood Flow, How did I Let my Light Burn so Low? A Sting in my Eyes, I’m Tired. I try Quiet the Noise, This Overwhelming Suffocating Change, Choking on Grief, I Breathe; Peace Overpoise, […]

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Poetry – Love Notes

You Keep Shining And Doing You I’ll Keep Shining And Doing Me Maybe Perhaps One Day We’ll Meet If Our Paths Cross When We Find Our Inner Peace Maybe Perhaps This Time We’ll Speak Those Long Forgotten Words Tasting BitterSweet Maybe Perhaps This Time I’ll Admit Defeat For The Light In You Honours The Light […]

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Poetry – I AM THAT, I AM

You’ve Never Spoken About Anyone, The Way You’ve Spoke About Yourself…. Do Not Let It Wither Your Worth, Albeit A Blinding Soul, Gasping For Self Love And Recognition,   So On These Days;   When You Don’t Feel Your Best, When Think You Look A Mess, Allow Yourself To Take The Day, Face Your Reflection And […]

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Poetry – Renegade

This Heavy Heart of Mine, Upon This Sleeve.. My Wild Soul, Begging To Be Free.. I AM A State Of Rebellion, Outlawed By Society, As I’m Lost To Revelry.. Do You Have What It Takes To Be King? Tame My Embers, Calm My Waves, And Run Away With Me, Like We’re Renegades..   MysticalMotherFucker

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Poetry – Forms Of Forgiveness

The Great Shame I felt.. It Was Right Under My Nose, I Had Been Allowing It To Rip Me To Pieces, How Could I Not Have Known? Silly Girl, Always Naive and Gullible… It Followed Me Around, I Felt It Under My Skin, Like An Itch I Just Couldn’t Scratch.. How Can You Love Someone […]

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Poetry – Astral Projection

You can find me on the Moon, Like an Astronaut Stranded in Space, A Vast Desert Surrounds me as I sit upon a Crater, An Infinite Galaxy in front of my Eyes, I AM Within A Milky Way of Glowing Stars, A Radiating Life Force of Love, Focusing Towards a Distant Planet.   MysticalMotherFucker   Photo Credit: https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/nasa-missions-let-scientists-see-moon-s-dancing-tide-from-orbit 

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Poetry – Reflections

They Say How People Speak About Others Is A Reflection Of The State Of Their Own Reality The Universe Spilling The Subconscious Secrets It’s Only When You Pay Attention Can You See It Persecute’s You Until You Listen It Plague’s You To Take Action While Our Bodies Are Renewing Cells Continuously Stripping Away The Layers […]

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Poetry – Correlating Peaks In The Eyes Of The Beholden

That Power You Hold In Your Hands, A Driving Atmosphere Of Greed & Envy, Trying To Massage The Jealous Ego, Nevertheless Drowning In It, Virtually Consumed In It’s Colossal Shadow, Obscured Vision Demanding Diligence,   That Power You Hold In Your Hands, A Breath-Taking Intergalactic Love, Breathing Life Into Your Fingertips, Magnetic Aura’s Within An […]

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Poetry – I See You

The First Night I Met Him, I Looked In The Devils Eyes, I Seen A Man Before Me & The Beast Inside, Won’t You Listen To My Story? A Friendship Without Honour, A Love Without Glory, In This Never Ending Silence, Don’t You Want to Know Why I Became Silent? You Took Over My Mind, […]

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Poetry – The Colours Within My Soul

An Intimately Burning Blue Flame Within My Soul, Opening Up Vulnerable But Vital Peaceful Perceptions, An Innocently Peculiar Flicker of Pink, Gracefully Delicate Yet Still Intensely Playful, A Proud Purple Wildfire, That Vibrant Elegance Resembling Refined Royalty, A Blazing Empathetic Green, This Correlating Vine Creeping Towards A Youthful Renewal, I AM REBORN   Welcome to […]

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